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welcome to my site! i'd like to warn that me N vic de angelis are currently dating so please respect that :3 i Luv her more than everything!
do not request to follow if we dont have anything in common (if i follow first disconsider this :v) and if you only see me as a carrd maker
hii you can call me lele or leti (no nickname other than these) ♡ i'm 17 years old, they them pronouns, brazilian, lesbian, gender unlabeled! do not use masculine terms on me
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girls tarot dance volleyball harry potter universe marauders wolfstar sherlock the umbrella academy klaus gerard way chess anya taylor joy tom holland pretty carrds horror movies spider man stone ocean
tweets mostly in portuguese (you can ask for translation), i don't condone anything wrong my faves have ever done, i make kms/kys jokes, tml >> dms, soft/hard block to unfollow, i go inactive often, i love interact and talk abt my kpop boys a lot.
you're -14 yo, basic criteria (excuse or agree with racists, lgbt+phobics, sexist behaviours), rad / lib fem, terf, only army / yoongi stan, mogai or support it, take kpop too seriously or get offended too easily, invalidate asexuality or believe in bi/pan lesbians, think bisexuality was ever binarist.